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By Williston Walker

Williston Walker (1860 – 1922) used to be an eminent American Church historian.

This vintage comprises the subsequent chapters:

Period I. From the Beginnings to the Gnostic Crisis
Section I. the overall Situation
Section II. The Jewish Background
Section III. Jesus and the Disciples
Section IV. The Palestinian Christian Communities
Section V. Paul and Gentile Christianity
Section VII. the translation of Jesus
Section VIII. Gentile Christianity of the second one Century
Section IX. Christian Organization
Section X. relatives of Christianity to the Roman Government
Section XI. The Apologists
Period II. From the Gnostic obstacle to Constantine
Section II. Marcion
Section III. Montanism
Section IV. The Catholic Church
Section V. The transforming into significance of Rome
Section VI. IRENiEus
Section VII. Tertullian and Cyprian
Section VIII. The Triumph of the emblems Christology within the West
Section IX. The Alexandrian School
Section X. Church and nation From one hundred eighty To 260
Section XI. The Constitutional improvement of the Church
Section XII. Public Worship and Sacred Seasons
Section XIII. Baptism
Section XIV. The Lord’S Supper
Section XV. Forgiveness of Sins
Section XVI. The Composition of the Church and the better and reduce Morality
Section XVII. leisure and progress, 260-303
Section XVIII. Rival spiritual Forces
Section XIX. the ultimate Struggle
Period III. The Imperial country Church
Section I. The replaced Situation
Section II. The Arian Controversy to the demise of Constantine
Section III. Controversy less than Constantine’S Sons
Section IV. The Later Nicene Struggle
Section V. Akian Missions and the Germanic Invasions
Section VI. the expansion of the Papacy
Section VII. Monasticism
Section VIII. Ambrose and Chrysostom
Section IX. The Christological Controversies
Section X. The East Divided
Section XI. Catastrophes and extra Controversies within the East
Section XII. The Constitutional improvement of the Church
Section XIII. Public Worship and Sacred Seasons
Section XIV. decrease Christianity
Section XV. a few Western Characteristics
Section XVI. Jerome
Section XVII. Augustine
Section XVIII. The Pelagian Controversy
Section XIX. Semi-Pelagianism
Section XX. Gregory the Great
Period IV. the center a long time to the shut of the Investiture Controversy
Section I. Missions within the British Islands
Section II. Continental Missions and Papal Growth
Section III. The Franks and the Papacy
Section IV. Charlemagne
Section V. Ecclesiastical Institutions
Section VI. Collapsing Empire and emerging Papacy
Section VII. Papal Decline and Renewal through the Revived Empire
Section VIII. Reform Movements
Section IX. The Reform celebration Secures the Papacy
Section X. The Papacy Breaks With the Empire
Section XI. Hildebrand and Henry Iv
Section XII. The fight leads to Compromise
Section XIII. The Greek Church After the image Controversy
Section XIV. The unfold of the Church
Period V. The Later center Ages
Section I. The Crusades
Section II. New non secular Movements
Section III. Antichurchly Sects. Cathari and Wal-Denses. The Inquisition
Section IV. The Dominicans and Franciscans
Section V. Early Scholasticism
Section VI. The Universities
Section VII. excessive Scholasticism and Its Theology
Section VIII. The Mystics
Section IX. Missions and Defeats
Section X. The Papacy at Its top and Its Decline
Section XI. The Papacy in Avignon, feedback. The Schism
Section XII. Wyclif and Hus
Section XIII. The Reforming Councils
Section XIV. The Italian Renaissance and Its Popes
Section XV. the hot nationwide Powers
Section XVI. Renaissance and different impacts North of the Alps
Period VI. The Reformation
Section I. The Lutheran Revolution
Section II. Separations and Divisions
Section III. The Swiss Revolt
Section IV. The Anabaptists
Section V. German Protestantism Established
Section VI. The Scandinavian Lands
Section VII. rebel in French Switzerland and Geneva prior to Calvin
Section IX. The English Revolt
Section X. The Scottish Rev

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